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A healthy mind follows a healthy body!


ro Corpore is not your average health center –  located in the heart of Vienna, we offer a wide and unique range of preventative medical treatments, supervised fitness and relaxation treatments, such as massages and energy work.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle with little time or effort.

If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, or if you want to become stronger or lose weight, or even if day-to-day life simply becomes too stressful: Our services will help you feel more balanced by strengthening  your mind and body and finding a relaxation method that works best for you.

We are here to help you take charge of your health!

-Your Pro Corpore Team


Premium Health Club

In addition to our medical services we also offer gym memberships for the circuit training which also includes free lessons with your personal coach.

As a member you have unlimited access to our gym during the opening hours and for each gym session you get free towels, drinks, as well as special offers, exclusive invitations to our events and fast appointments.

Book your first workout with a personal trainer.


Modern Workout Methods

The Milon strength & cardio circuit is a full-body workout in only 2 x 17 minutes. Unlike traditional gyms our circuit allows for safe exercising: movements are guided and the cardio exercises are controlled by your heart rate. All your personal settings, such as the settings for the machines itself and your workout plan, which is put together with the help of a trainer or physiotherapist is saved to a chip card.

This allows full control over your workouts, a simple overview, as well as a summery of each session and the progress you are making.

The XBody EMS training provides fast and long-lasting results. EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation Training: during each exercise the muscles are stimulated with controlled impulses allowing a full-body workout with personal trainer with no additional equipment necessary.

Whether you want to build up muscle, burn fat or get rid of cellulite: this innovative training method is joint and back friendly and can even strengthen weaker body parts.

Doctor & Therapy

Medical Care and Therapy

Living with pain or physical limitations lowers the quality of life. It is all the more important to act quickly and find the right therapy for you. Our doctors and therapists are specialized in back pain, knee and shoulder pain, post-operative rehab, sports injuries, as well as acute and chronic pain.

They can help you find your physical balance. In addition to our doctor´s office for orthopedics, trauma surgery and osteopathy, we also offer therapies, such as physiotherapy, medical exercise, fascia distortion model (FDM), medical massages and lymph drainage.

For personal consultation, please contact us.


Additional Offers

We want to support you in living a healthy lifestyle and increase your own well-being. That is why we work with selected partners in nutrition, cosmetics and energy work.

Release blockades and recharge your batteries with Cranio Sacral – the gentle manual body and energy work. Allow your body to fully relax and to activate its self-healing powers to strengthen the immune system and relieve pain with Reiki.

For those who like a massage to relax will like the Raindrop treatment. 100% pure essential oils are dripped onto the spine and are then massaged into the back muscles using a special technique.

Nuad Thai Yoga can help when your energy levels are low and your muscles feel tense and need to be stretched. It relieves tension and stress and makes you stock up on energy.

Stay slim and give your body a break from sugar, coffee and fatty acids. The BASENBOX uses organic and regional products to make vegetarian meals three times per day and delivers it straight to you.

From the inside to the outside: we also offer beauty treatments for women, as well as for men, such as facials, manicures and pedicures. After a skin analysis, we will put together  a treatment program especially for you and the individual needs of your skin.



specialized in trauma surgery and orthophaedic surgery,

MON and WED from 3 pm (by appointment only)



(by appointment only)


Nuad Thai Yoga

MON from 3 pm (by appointment only)


currently unavailable due to educational training


Medical Massage,
Lymph Drainage

MON, WED, FR (by appointment only)

PreventoMED | Labor ENDLER

in cooperation with nutritionists from PreventoMED,

labratory Endler-center for preventive medicine and promotion of health

Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. A. THOMAS ENDLER


Cranio Sacral,

WED from 10 am (by appointment only)

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