General Information

Pro Corpore Dominikanerbastei is a private health club, which focuses on manual therapy and medical fitness. For doctor´s fees, as well as various therapies with medical prescription there is a possibility for a partial reimbursement by the state’s health insurance (such as WGKK) and even a full refund by private insurance companies. For more information on this topic, please read Patient Information.

Please find below a general overview of our price list. We are happy to give you more information for further treatments, fitness or therapies.

General Price Sheet: Therapy

€ 100
60 min. Physiotherapy (first treatment)     
additional therapy costs depending on duration and type between € 49 and € 90

€ 70
50 min. lymph drainage
€ 38
25 min. medical massage
€ 250
10-pass medical fitness

Please note that the cost may vary depending on the duration and type of therapy.
We are happy to advise and inform you on the costs of your individually tailored therapy.

Price Sheet: Fitness

€ 75 monthly
Yearly membership milon circuit workout
€ 560
10-pass EMS trainings with personal trainer
€ 19,90
EMS trial training *

*will be credited to sales immediately after trial session

Price Sheet: Wellness

€ 700
10-pass massages (50 min.)    n
€ 120
90 min. Nuad Thai Yoga
€ 80
60 min. Raindrop
€ 38
25 min. reflexology

For further information please contact us directly.

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