First visit
Before you visit us, please make sure you have a referral or prescription from your doctor or make an appointment with one of our doctors in case you haven´t been diagnosed by a doctor. You can contact us via contact sheet, telephone, e-mail or personally for an appointment.

The first visit will also be your first treatment.
If necessary, the appropriate form of therapy will be determined with you.

We ask to please take all your medical findings, doctor´s notes, as well as your doctor´s referral or prescription to the first appointment.

Therapy Prescription
Pro Corpore is a private health institution, which means that all costs for therapy must be paid for after each appointment. Nonetheless, it is possible to be partially or fully reimbursed by your health insurance.

Talk to your doctor about possible physiotherapy or massages and ask for a prescription.

Please note that in some cases, e.g. for physiotherapy of lymph drainage, a doctor´s prescription is required to be able to treat you.

Reimbursement by (public) health insurance
In order to get your therapy costs partially or fully reimbursed it is necessary to send the doctor´s prescription to the public health insurance company (such as WGKK) and ask for approval of the therapy. We are happy to do this step for you. Bring your prescription in advance or latest to your first treatment and we will take care of the approval. Different rates are set depending on your prescription and your health insurance.

Private (supplementary) insurance
Depending on your insurance company therapy costs are partially or fully reimbursed. Talk to your insurance company!

Appointment cancellation policy
We understand that even with the best planning, something can always unexpectedly come between them being carried out. We kindly ask to cancel your appointments no less than 24 hours before, since we will have to fully charge for them otherwise.

You can re-schedule or cancel appointments via contact sheet, telephone, e-mail or in person.

We are happy to give you a new appointment.

Contact Us

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